Manual Work Processes in Home Healthcare & Hospice Agencies

A successful home healthcare & hospice agency considers a variety of problem sets that contribute to their ability to excel.  How efficient is the process concerning schedulers?  Is your scheduling [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP December 7th, 2020

In a year where many areas in the health industry received an unexpected jolt, home health agencies across the US have been rolling with the punches as the pandemic continues [...]

The Role of Technology in Home Health Care

Technology permeates all aspects of life. It is a resource we rely on to improve our day to day, stretch the amount of time we have available and let us enjoy [...]

Coordination Problems in Home Health Agencies

The goal of any home health office is to run operations as efficiently as possible. One of the biggest factors in operational efficiency is found in the scheduling coordination -- [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP September 25th, 2020

Today many technology companies have found themselves in a position to readjust their perspective in the marketplace, there is a new sense of purpose from a new wave of investors [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP September 18th, 2020

With the fires raging up and down the West Coast and health providers continuing to deliver care at unprecedented rates the CMS is actively providing necessary updates so that the [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP September 11th, 2020

In the past months we’ve seen how healthcare innovators made quick work in altering the landscape in which care is provided. Utilizing an innate survival instinct to navigate to new [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP September 4th, 2020

Health and technology, often at crossroads when it comes to industry wide development and implementation, is seeing plenty of buzz and activity as the pandemic shapes the way care is being [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP August 28th, 2020

The market for telehealth services is sizzling as tech behemoth Google, more specifically, their cloud computing arm Google Cloud recently announced they are investing $100MM in Amwell   “a company that [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP August 21st, 2020

In this week’s news ridesharing behemoths Uber and Lyft made announcements that their company and ride-sharing operations may shut down in California as they determine how to reclassify tens of [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP August 14th, 2020

A divide in access to health is a persistent topic when addressing care for patients in rural areas vs. urban. The distance required for people in rural areas to travel can [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP August 7th, 2020

Schools are now reopening in parts of the US. Potentially, this adds further complexity for local districts to contain COVID-19 cases in their regions. Congress and the White House have [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP July 31st, 2020

This week we saw a massive contraction in the economy not seen for decades. The economy shrunk at a quarterly (and historical) loss of 9.5% from April to June. With [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP July 24th, 2020

Worldwide we are seeing regions that once tamped down on COVID-19 spread beginning to experience a resurgence in cases. Countries leading worldwide infections are the United States, Brazil and India. [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP July 17th, 2020

Many states are now reversing reopening plans due to a resurgence in COVID-19 across different regions and counties. Particularly concerning are the taxed and overwhelmed health care systems across the [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP July 10th, 2020

As states grapple with resurging cases of COVID, Florida and Texas have taken steps to mitigate capacity issues at Hospitals and ICUs. Bans on non-elective surgeries are implemented or extended [...]

NEWS ROUNDUP July 3rd, 2020

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) has now reported a decrease of unemployment levels over the previous months. While still at high levels at around 11.1% due to an [...]


Some changes are taking place as the Center for Medical Services (CMS) starts to consider new guidelines beyond the pandemic. Telehealth, a critical tool in assessing patient care, is making [...]


In this week’s round up, we try to gain some perspective on the economic outlook in home health. With the economy reopening, home health is starting to see a sure [...]

How Much Does Scheduling Really Cost Your Operations?

CareStitch’s workforce management platform for Home Health Agencies helps streamline scheduling operations. We use a simple three step process to fulfill new case submissions in an automated way. Reducing [...]

The Problem: Assigning Clinicians Is Inefficient

Getting the best clinician to see the right patient can be difficult. There is a matrix of details in determining who is the best fit for a patient. Yet in [...]

The Solution: A Purpose Built Platform

Home Health Agencies stand to benefit the most from automation.  Why do we automate? We want to remove mistakes and errors. We want to streamline and manage information better. We [...]


This week’s news roundup showcases a few high profile features on New York Times and The Hill. As COVID-19 continues to challenge the existing home health care system industry leaders [...]


In this news roundup, we discuss the rise of home health care needs as well as the expansion of telehealth and telemedicine in 2020 amid the pandemic. On the subject [...]

Insider Interview: Operational Changes In A New World

In our latest of interviews showcasing the personal stories that get buried or lost under competing news cycles we speak with a therapist living in Florida. We try to raise [...]


Home health workers continue to work at breakneck speed on the frontlines during the pandemic and do not see any real slack in workload. However, as the US healthcare system [...]


As of Monday, several states will have relaxed stay-at-home orders although some states continue to see a continual rise in daily cases and deaths.  The growing demand for home healthcare [...]


Nursing homes across the US are coming under closer scrutiny as containment of outbreaks within elderly care has become an uphill battle to mitigate. Lawsuits are starting to surface as [...]


In this week's news roundup, the concern for shortages of protective gear and tests continue to be at the forefront of home healthcare workers' minds.  Most agencies have witnessed a [...]

Insider Interview: PPE Shortage Affects Everyone

Previously, CareStitch’s Dr. Shelley Ackerman PT, DPT spoke with a home health clinician from Detroit about their experiences working during the COVID-19 pandemic. As challenges for U.S. healthcare systems endure, [...]


In recent news, the Associated Press has given new special attention to home health care workers as they’re stepping up to the challenge of caring for coronavirus patients. The release [...]

Insider Interview: Facing COVID-19 in the Home

Everyday as we monitor the news feeds concerning home health and how COVID-19 affects our workers one gets the sense a lot of personal stories get buried or lost under [...]


This week’s news roundup highlights the CMS’ rollout of a new toolkit to further clarify procedural standards to protect frontline workers. Additionally, the toolkit guides providers in helping them understand [...]


This week we focus on real life stories across the US on how agencies and clinicians are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.  There are some moments where a clinician must [...]


Every week we bring you important news that may affect home health agencies and clinicians alike. With updates to the industry moving at near lightning speed, we will continuously cover [...]


In this week’s edition we take a detailed look at the changes taking place for Medicare services to address a shortage in the workforce and the ability for clinicians to [...]


As the coronavirus continues its path through the US a variety of sectors at this juncture are revealing gaps and inefficiencies in their systems, including healthcare. While lawmakers on the [...]


As COVID-19 headlines dominate the news cycle we round up a few articles that affect home health care workers.  Supply shortages for home healthcare workers are being experienced around the [...]


The home health care industry seeks to increase their support system for a growing elderly population. With an increased preference of elderly to receive treatment at home, there is a [...]

PDGM Series 5/5: Use Cases by Clinicians for PDGM

In our final article we offer use cases and pointers for PDGM gleaned by our survey of clinicians on working in the field. We’ve taken anecdotes from our peers in [...]

PDGM Series 4/5: Trusting your Clinical Judgement

In our previous article, our goal was to simplify PDGM so you can easily understand the key components in the new payment model. For clinicians, it is important to know [...]

PDGM Series 3/5: PDGM and Home Health Clinicians

Still trying to figure out what PDGM means to you as a Home Health Clinician?  PDGM is causing anxiety for home health clinicians and agency owners.  There are concerns about how [...]

PDGM Series 2/5: What Changes And What Doesn’t

Don’t know where to start on wrapping your head around PDGM? Do the new guidelines send you into a jargon spiral? Let’s dive into the second part of our article [...]

PDGM Series 1/5: A Time for Change

Questions are running through your head as you prepare your agency for the new changes according to PDGM. How do I need to reorganize my workflow? How is billing and [...]

The Future of Home Healthcare Delivery

There are inefficiencies in the current administrative process in home health care management. Home health agencies have devoted themselves to providing quality care through a vast network of professional, [...]

Scheduling Clinicians Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

As an agency, you are committed to providing fast and easy care for your clients. But with any system dealing with the logistics of a mobile workforce, inefficiencies can proliferate [...]

Are Agencies Scheduling The Right Way?

For agencies, scheduling clinicians to fulfill patient cases can be stressful and error-prone as they navigate a maze of concurrent text messages, emails and phone conversations with their mobile clinicians. [...]