CareStitch Unveils MAPS (Map-based Appointment Productivity System), a Revolutionary Map-Based Scheduling Visualization Tool for Home Health Agencies

San Diego, CA – CareStitch, a leading provider of HIPAA-compliant home health management software that complement agency EMRs, is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking new feature set that will transform the way home health agencies manage their field staff and patients. MAPS provides real-time visibility into clinician & patient distribution on a map, making it easier than ever to optimize resource utilization, reduce travel and maximize efficiency.

One of the most powerful aspects of the new feature set is its ability to highlight where clinicians and patients are clustered on a map with real-time availability, allowing home health agencies to identify areas that are under-utilized or over-utilized. This information can be used to reallocate patients to free up resources and accept more referrals in areas where there is high demand.

MAPS also provides agencies with the ability to forecast visit volumes across regions to ensure efficient distribution of staffing resources and direct targeted hiring efforts. This results in a more efficient and effective use of staffing resources, leading to better outcomes for both staff and patients.

“We are thrilled to introduce MAPS. We are giving agencies the power to manage their resources more effectively and provide higher quality care to their patients while minimizing staff burnout,” said Shelley Ackerman PT, DPT, CareStitch’s COO. “Our goal is to provide home health agencies with tools that work alongside their existing systems to upgrade their operations without disruption.”

CareStitch has been providing cutting-edge home health management solutions since 2020. With the release of this new feature set, the company is once again setting the standard for innovation and excellence in the home health industry.

About CareStitch

CareStitch is a leading provider of home health management software, offering innovative solutions designed to help home health agencies provide the highest level of care to their clients while also improving operational efficiency. With extensive experience in the home health industry and software development, CareStitch is dedicated to improving the way agencies operate, one stitch at a time.

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