The Solution: A Purpose Built Platform

Home Health Agencies stand to benefit the most from automation.  Why do we automate? We want to remove mistakes and errors. We want to streamline and manage information better. We want to move faster. Communication becomes more meaningful and business results improve. 

Home Health Agencies stand to benefit the most from automation. A growing elderly population is coming into the fore which means greater demand for home health services over this next decade. Small inefficiencies in the process amplify into bigger, costlier issues.  As a final look into the process, let’s dive in to see how automation can fit into the workflow of a home health agency. 

A common case fulfillment workflow looks like this:

  1. A referral comes in through either fax, phone or electronic means.
  2. Intake receives the referral and inputs the information into the EMR
  3. The referral is pushed to either a dedicated scheduler, or intake takes on the task of scheduling to assign the patient to the appropriate clinician.
  4. The scheduler identifies which clinicians meet all the patient criteria; such as the right skill set, location, availability, gender, language, and more.
  5. The scheduler then begins texting, emailing and calling the first clinician who is in the right region, has the right specialties, and is the right discipline that meets all the necessary constraints needed to see the patient.

CareStitch takes the same tried and true approach that home health agencies follow and automates it in software. This reduces the cost of change management while simultaneously increasing productivity.

Think for a moment what it would mean for your home health agency to manage all cases with the touch of a button. Use a platform specifically built to speed up the process, reduce overtime costs, and help your clinicians manage their appointments and reduce their travel between patients. When as an industry we seek to build tools to improve our operations we ignite, encourage, and inspire greater quality of patient care.

What are you doing for your agency and clinicians? What would you like to see happen in your industry to see positive change and growth?

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