How Much Does Scheduling Really Cost Your Operations?

CareStitch’s workforce management platform for Home Health Agencies helps streamline scheduling operations. We use a simple three step process to fulfill new case submissions in an automated way. Reducing excesses like text messaging, emails and endless communication chains help open up new areas for you to focus on: agency growth, patient satisfaction, and greater profits. 

By integrating with our software, agency administrators and dispatchers reduce time spent on communication and logistics while focusing on improving operations, increasing intake and delivering high quality home health care. You will stand to see a massive reduction in costs while experiencing a boost to top line revenue. 

Our standard pricing model is a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional scheduling’s overhead fees. But how can we calculate how much you are really saving? Beyond the benefits of secure communications, visibility and efficiency, there are actual costs that can be reduced. Let’s take the scenario of an operation with more than one or more schedulers.

From here we can calculate the scheduling cost per patient (SCPP).

Just take the total annual cost of your employees involved in scheduling duties (including wages, benefits, payroll taxes, overhead, PTO) and divide it by the total number of patients per year. 

This number is your scheduling cost per patient (SCPP). It can be used to make a baseline comparison with our software.

If we could make scheduling easy enough so that one of your schedulers can do the work of three or four, wouldn’t that be an interesting proposition?

Schedule a demo with CareStitch, we can help you determine your calculated SCPP and discuss how to reduce your scheduling costs while increasing your agency’s overall profitability. By booking a demo with us today you are preparing yourself for a smarter, effective way to manage your time and resources in this new era of home health care.

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