PDGM Series 1/5: A Time for Change

Questions are running through your head as you prepare your agency for the new changes according to PDGM. How do I need to reorganize my workflow? How is billing and staffing affected? What does this mean to my bottom line?

With this article series we help you navigate some of the details covered by PDGM.

First a background. PDGM stands for ‘Patient Driven Groupings Model’. This is a new change instituted by the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) to determine how patient care should be provided. The first identifiable change is: payment periods are cut in half taking therapy volume out of the equation in determining home healthcare agency (HHA) payments.

The good news with the changes is that PDGM means better, focused healthcare. Quality care will be held in higher regard while agencies will have to work on streamlining operations. The need for tech resources will be even more important to deliver the highest quality care while managing revenue flow.

Don’t view PDGM as a negative impact on your business. Think of it as motivation to change old modes of operation. PDGM is meant to encourage value over volume and removes incentives to provide unnecessary care. In the end, your staff and your patients will be more satisfied and happier with the care given and responsibilities.

Stay tuned for part two of our series to learn more about PDGM.