Scheduling Clinicians Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

As an agency, you are committed to providing fast and easy care for your clients. But with any system dealing with the logistics of a mobile workforce, inefficiencies can proliferate when certain elements go unchecked. Sometimes, communication systems to confirm cases can be overwhelming and excessive. The task of ensuring the right clinician is fulfilling clients’ needs in a timely fashion can be tedious and requires navigating through a maze of thumbtacks on a giant map.

Is there a better way to manage caseloads and fulfillment? Yes! Through technology we can also help with HIPAA compliance while satisfying happy clients.

At CareStitch we’re committed to smooth out the process in care worker logistics. Our platform for Home Healthcare Agencies is one of a kind. The technology helps schedulers manage clinician caseloads efficiently. When integrated with your current intake system, a scheduler can reduce the need to send excessive texts to clinicians. Cases can be assigned in an orderly and streamlined fashion.

Call and Response

Through our agency platform, it takes only three steps to assign a case to a clinician.

  1. A case is added into the system
  2. A time and location based algorithm prospects and matches a resource
  3. The case is confirmed and assigned.

Clinicians receive requests broadcasted through their CareStitch mobile app. From there, they can accept the request. Immediately a case placed in their call queue to schedule an appointment. Through the app, clinicians can call the patient, coordinate their schedules, view upcoming appointments, and gain intel about their case before they walk through their patient’s door.

All the while, as processes run in the background, the office is kept in sync and tracks all activities with each request.

What we set out to do with our technology is close the gaps for a seamless workflow. The need to text indefinitely is eliminated. Office admin and mobile clinicians alike can focus on the important tasks at hand. Using the platform, agencies have more bandwidth to work on the things that matter and together we can foster an environment for a happier workforce.

If you’re reading this now, you’re probably thinking about how you can better manage resources and grow your business even more. Talk to us at CareStitch and be on the cutting edge of the home healthcare industry. Learn how you can build upon your successes even more with us.

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